Wedding Countdown: The Big Day

Table decorations were shipped off to the venue with the bride and mother of the bride who travelled down to the countryside manor. All the bridesmaid dresses turned up and fit as well as can be expected bar one which turned out to be due to user error. One of the girls guessed their height instead of measuring themselves and were left with a dress far too long.

For the long-awaited reveal, the venue was the Granary at Fawsley in Northamptonshire.

The morning did not start well. I have a sick guinea pig who needs round-the-clock care and this meant I had to drop him into the vet before I could leave. As a bridesmaid, I was needed at the venue at 9am. I didn’t arrive until almost 11 due to animal care.

As the bridal party ate bacon sandwiches, the hairstylist and makeup artist arrived. The reception room had been decorated the night before with all the little cliches — photo booth, memory notes, flowers — which was a small converted barn. The ceremony took place upstairs with simple white wooden seating decorated with purple and lilac ribbons

Throughout the ceremony which was secular and entirely non-religious, hence not taking place in a church. The aisle was short, which can be seen as a good thing to the nervous bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride who unstereotypically walked her daughter down the aisle.

The bride and groom made ceremonious vows to each other. A few laughs escaped the family and friends as the bride promised to always be patient with her new husband – patience not being her strongest trait.

Some bride’s cry as they commit themselves, but not this one. This bride couldn’t contain her laughter as she gave herself away forever and bound herself by law to her fiance.

Following the ceremony, appetisers of cucumber with duck, miniature baked potatoes and tiny little burger bites. The photographs were due to be taken outside on the grass however here is where the problems began.

The rainfall from the previous days had soaked into the grass. Once the bridal party had trodden onto the lawn it was too late. The mud-soaked into the cream shoes of the mother of the bride, the white bridal boots and the silver flats of the bridesmaids.

Swiftly, the photographers relocated to the hall for photographs. Unfortunately, the father of the bride left both before the photographs and his mother attempted to refuse to be in the photographs until some opinions were aired.

The reception dinner was a picnic basket selection of bread, pâté and cheeses shared around each table in wicker containers and on wooden chopping boards. This was later followed with street food hog roast – pulled pork, bacon, and other meats – at an adorable little indoor vendor stand.

For the evening’s entertainment, a comedian attended the wedding. As is the standard norm for weddings, there were drunken hecklers in the crowd causing trouble. Thankfully, after a dispute with a bridesmaid, the couple were asked to leave. A gentle reminder to think long and hard about your guest list before sending invitations.

A DJ played both classic and modern dance tunes throughout the night as the party carried on until midnight.

Congratulations to the bride and groom for finally tying the knot as well as remaining calm on the big day.

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