Wedding Blog: 1 week to go

Only seven days remain until the bride and groom get hitched. It’s fairly quiet now, no more Bridezilla tantrums can be seen on the horizon until at least the night before the wedding.

In one more day the bridesmaid dresses are due to arrive (on Halloween to be exact) and that’s the final hurdle to get over then our calm before the storm will hit. That means we have less than twenty-four hours until Milton Keynes potentially turns into a burning ball of flame after a reanimated Bridezilla

The good bits about weddings are all on the actual wedding day… fancy clothes, family get-togethers, free food, DJs or live music, an unhealthy consumption of alcohol and dancing until your feet hurt.

Me, I haven’t spoken to the bride since a recent tiff. The only concern that is she doesn’t want things to feel awkward on her big day, but unfortunately, a problem lasting a lifetime can not be resolved in a week.

Family issues and drama are usually trudged up around these times of so-called love and wonderment because the truth is, getting married isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The bigger your fairytale wedding, the bigger the arguments that surround it. Stress is a killer, a murderer of joy and happiness, a breaker of relationships and a strain on life. Unless, of course, you’re actually more invested in the love in your life.

Who would care if a dress came in the wrong colour, style or size if they truly only cared about marrying the person of their dreams? A dress can be altered, returned, and another easily purchased on or off the rack but a spouse is forever.

Would it really be a shame or taint on your love to marry in the local reception office or a nature reserve or even a family home, wearing your mother’s wedding dress and making your own buffet, saving possibly thousands or tens of thousands of pounds and priceless amounts of stress.

So, in celebration of making it alive to the final week I have written a few top tips on dealing with wedding stress when it’s not even your wedding.

  • Keep that mouth shut unless you’re agreeing. Nobody is asking your opinion on a dress, platter or table decoration because they want your actual perspective. they’re only asking for you to reassure and compliment their own choice. You know, because of vanity, indecisiveness or worry.
  • YOU CAN’T RUN BUT YOU CAN HIDE! There’s probably not the opportunity for you to leg it across the country or stowaway on the next ferry to Europe but you can probably avoid the bride and groom for extended periods of time. Turn off that phone, lock that door and when you know they’re coming, go on out.
  • Just keep smiling. Whatever happens – the wedding dress burns to a crisp in an unexpected fire, you have surgery on the day of the wedding, a lion breaks into your house – I don’t care. You keep a fake smile plastered over your face to reassure them it will be okay. One little crack, they’ll eat you alive.

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