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I am a published poet and full-time writer running their own business providing freelance writing services, blogging and news. My passions are genre-writing, literature, poetry and mental health advocacy. The skills I have honed include time-management, interpersonal, communication, teamwork, peer review and organization. I spend my free time at literature festivals, travelling, or reading, but I also run a mental health support group in the local area with its own website As a student at Teesside University, I study an online MA program while finalising my first speculative novel manuscript.


Appleby Ink | Owner & Writer

April 2019 – Present

I set up my own freelance writing services by designing a website and launching my own domain for a business e-mail address. I source and manage a variety of clients taking on work for advertorial content writing, PR, marketing content, social media management, editorial, proofreading, transcriptions, copywriting, letter writing, reviews, testimonials and critiques. I specialise in business to business writing but also accommodate individual requests for CVs, startups and students, as well as offering to tutor for English Literature and Language for all ages and abilities. I issue invoices for payment via BACS or CHAPS transfer or PayPal.

Director-E & PCIAW Voice | Managing Editor & Events

April 2019 – May 2019

I managed a team of five alongside my assistant whilst writing and overseeing industry-specific articles within a business to business magazine. We collaborated with companies to develop proposals for advertorials, content for publication, and organizing events such as the Summit and the PCA. I was responsible for 76 clients for interviews, content and agendas for events to ensure the magazine launch ran smoothly. I built relationships with potential clients to market and promote the magazine through social media platforms. We networked at events with suppliers/manufacturers to cover features for the website and magazine. I was hired to create and implement a new organisational structure for employees as well as to consolidate the data from multiple systems onto one platform.

Sodexo | Account Administrator

October 2018 – April 2019

Working as contact for benefits and reward program participants to maintain good relationships through account management of incentive schemes. Key responsibilities: reporting, invoicing, data uploads and entry, creating project briefs and presentations, attending client meetings, managing client hotlines and e-mail inboxes.

TSYS EMEA | Account Research Specialist

September 2017 – October 2018

Reviewing accounts in arrears, liaising with debt management charities and clients experiencing financial difficulty, vulnerability or insolvency. Administrative tasks such as working affordability calculators, data queues and whitemail. Using the dialer phone for contact with past-due account holders. Coaching agents on processes, supporting back office reports and the promotional team, testing computer systems before release.


MA (Hons) Creative Writing | Teesside University – studying part-time.

Activities: Currently working on a research project for professional writing in the world and previously collaborated on a co-written manifesto for creative writing beliefs, intentions and behaviours. 

Grade: TBD.   Module 1, Core Skills & Techniques: 73, Distinction.

BA (Hons) Creative Writing | University of Gloucestershire

Awards: Bronze, silver and gold tiered employability awards achieved through the Degree Plus scheme.

Activities: Collaborative 20-page dramatic piece with radio students for radio plays, part of the creative writing society organizing the annual conference and student journalist for the union’s environmental magazine. My dissertation specialized in chaos theory and quantum mechanics to write science-fiction and drawing parallels in my 2000-word essay between sci-fi and historiographic metafiction. Grade 1:1. (June 2017)

Publications & Performances

· Escape, Compass: New Writing IV anthology, 2015

· A Night in Church with the Junkies (extract), Reflections: New Writing V anthology, 2016

· I’ll be Honest and Snapshots of Women’s History (poetry reading), Quad Walk Gallery Exhibition – Redraw The Line with Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra, 2016 –

· AKA Stiffs, Shadows: New Writing VI anthology, 2017

· We Drop Bombs (poem), Shadows: New Writing VI anthology, 2017

· Mr. Wrong (poem), Ink, Sweat & Tears webzine, 2017 –

· Articles on Business Buzz webzine: –

· Startup websites, and for blogging/news/freelance platforms

· Online magazine Bad Ambience run by myself and volunteer students is no longer available, ran 2014 – 2017

· News, blog posts and articles on the website and print magazine PCIAW formerly director-e

· Research Project Proposal (MA level) available on Appleby Ink

· Creative Writing Manifesto ‘Magpie Eyes’ available on Appleby Ink

· Poetry Analysis of Sylvia Plath’s Tulips available on Appleby Ink

· Movie Review of Need For Speed available on Appleby Ink

· Book review of 50 Shades of Grey available on Appleby Ink


· Mind Space MK (2019): Set up a mental health, peer support group locally at The Old Bus Station MK.

· MK Cats Protection (2019): Starting as a trapping and transport volunteer for lost and feral cats.

· Blue Cross (2018): birthday fundraiser for the animal charity through social media advertising.

· Student journalist (2015): Writing articles for a webzine, interviewing businesses and taking photographs. Previous contributor & student journalist for

· The Taylor Family (2015): Acting as a companion and personal assistant to a man with muscular dystrophy.

· Business Buzz (2013-2016): Voluntary journalism, writing articles on lifestyle, inspiration and entertainment.

· Teenage Cancer Trust (2012): Working within retail stores collecting donations from the public.

· Glastonbury Thorn Primary School (2011): Voluntary work experience as a teaching assistant.

· WWF and RSCPA fundraisers (2009/2010): Bake sales and a fun run to raise money for charity.

References available upon request

News, articles & websites

Editor & Events at and

Voluntary author at

Founder of

Official website

Previous employer

Charlotte Appleby’s Escape.

Mr. Wrong

Published on Ink, Sweat & Tears webzine.

Can’t wear the red velvet skirt I love
the hem won’t cover bruised knees,
can’t talk—shouldn’t talk—to family
don’t need them asking me again
‘why don’t you just leave?’

If the roast isn’t on the table at five
o’clock sharp, then he’ll finish work,
cheeks flared and shout ‘bastard woman!’
I’ll apologise, clasp at his shirt, eyes-closed.

Look—the forgotten laundry pile has grown
added unfamiliar lingerie with a torn crotch.
Silently, he retreats to the office
slamming the door until it splinters.
Relief washes over me.

I slide to the floor, the sounds start
he’s watching videos—the groans, moans
of other women, the blonde one with big tits
the one he likes, the one who inspired him

to offer me an enhancement
like an upgrade of my phone;
he wants a better model.
I pushed away loved ones
to try to make this home.

Poem published in Shadows – Charlotte Appleby             

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