Mental Health in the Community

As advocates of mental health and a supporter of community projects, Appleby Ink provides writing services for a Milton Keynes mental health peer support group: MIND SPACE MK.

That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing the importance of mental health awareness and treatment in the local community. Not just in Milton Keynes, but every community nationwide.

The NHS has been under obvious strain with a growing population for the last decade or more. Constant cuts to funding leave fewer services available for the tax-paying public for not just physical injuries, disability and illnesses but for emotional wellbeing too.

Community-led services were helping the system cope with the strain of this burden but in the last few years, these volunteer-run centres have been disappearing too.

Mind Space MK has teamed up with Mind Allies to better their services. Mind Allies CEO, Adam Afsar, who set up the charitable organisation in April 2019 has made a huge stand for mental health by helping those lost jumping through the formal hoops.

Mind Allies are kindly funding the support group project, to help them expand to become a charitable organisation, providing CALM app prescription, potentially a mindfulness tutor and advertising.

Projects like community-led support groups and charitable organisations such as Mind Allies as key to helping those suffering from ill mental health.

Often those experiencing mental health difficulties are prescribed medication like anti-anxiety pills or anti-depressants or referred to long waiting lists for CBT, DBT, MBT (behavioural therapy courses) that last only 6-8 weeks which is only one hour a week. To receive a mental health diagnosis or longer-term specialist treatment therapies

In collaboration and support of Mind Space MK as it goes national with its expansion (Mind Space Stockport coming soon…) we here at Appleby Ink will be helping to design and write a Support Group Starter Pack.

The Support Group Starter Pack

What does it involve?

  • A guide on how to easily set up and run a support group
    This could be for mental health, chronic conditions, bereavement, anything you feel is relevant to you and your local community.
  • Information on services who can help
    This will be generalised information on where to access resources, funding, venues and fundraising, as well as people with the knowledge or experience to help you along the way.
    Resources could include sports equipment, arts/crafts, games, snacks/drinks and so on.
    There will be a database or contacts.
    We will also include more mental-health specific examples to signpost people to organisations out there readily available to support groups for mental wellbeing, as Mind Space MK and Appleby Ink want to promote and encourage the increase in mental health peer support groups across the UK.
  • “How to” columns
    -Writing a confidentiality policy
    -Launching a support group
  • Supporting yourself when supporting others
    Many carers, volunteers or pillars in the community can take a toll from the pressure on their shoulders created by the good work they do. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look after yourself so you can better care for others. We will include top tips on how to ease the stress, find people to help and increase your self-care.
  • Will help people in any UK city, town or village set up a community group for free
    The founder of Mind Space MK and Appleby Ink will support groups that use our scheme to set up peer community groups by helping with fundraising efforts, providing writing services, helping with promotion, advertising and resources as well as being on hand for any questions. We would want to visit any groups that use our scheme for feedback too.

There are loads of great community projects to get involved with. A prime example is the Transition groups popping up across the UK. “Faced with climate change, our response is to build a stronger, more versatile community – a community with the capacity to adapt to whatever happens and where we can be happy and healthy. Making better use of local resources also means saving money – by growing more of our own food and by reusing and adapting stuff instead of throwing it away.”

Whatever the reason for a community group, it’s vital for our survival as humans and for our quality of life as people to build interpersonal relationships through connecting on common issues.

We hope you can all benefit from this future scheme. If you have any questions you can tweet, facebook or instagram us on @ApplebyInk or email

Alternatively, you can contact Mind Space MK:

Twitter: @MindSpaceMK

Instagram: @MindSpaceMK

Facebook: @MindSpaceMiltonKeynes

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