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Is it possible to get too thin?

My aims of eating better and exercising more were not solely to lose weight. I have now decided if I don’t fit in the dream dress purchased for a discounted rate of £5 at the charity shop would not be a major loss.

What is a major loss is the empty space now occupying my bikini top when I go swimming. No woman wants to lose her assets when she’s trying to be healthier.

So, despite the unhealthy tactic, I ate a tonne of doughnuts, chocolate, crackers, cheese and biscuits in a bid to fill out those areas that I don’t want shrinking.

It has failed to work. So, in a less desperate bid, I am returning to eating healthily but en masse. If I’m not going to change size, I’m not going to change size.

But on a brighter note, during this blog post I tried on my dream dress and it fits! No longer are two people needed to pull the zip together and yank it up. No more flabby arms sticking out of too small armholes.

I have stayed far away from the scales as I’m finding a better way of keeping track of weight-loss or body mass is to wear your best fitting clothes. For example, skinny jeans that once fit me perfectly are loose around the hips and butt now.

Honestly, I think more than anything it’s the increased levels of activity which have slimmed my figure. Front crawl has tightened muscles in my arm so they no long jiggle and my thighs harden more and more each day.

I’ll probably next update this after the wedding feast which I’m sure will leave me more than bloated.

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