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January has been an interesting time. This could be a particularly lengthy post, my spoonie-friends. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride. It’s a road trip.

I’ll start by explaining the ghost emoji. Each time I move (and I’ve moved A LOT — Buckinghamshire, Lothian, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester) I come to the same realisation that people are fickle. Humans do indeed require social interaction to survive, and if you’re an extravert you require it all the more to recharge or unwind.

You keep the same network of close friends for long periods of your life, they may evolve, rotate or interchange at various different points, but it is usually consistent. For instance, my mother’s side of the family, my best friend, and one other close friend are all I keep in contact with. In this new place, I haven’t commenced my new teaching role yet, date TBD but within the next 14 days. The mental health support group doesn’t launch for just over two weeks, so I have some free time but only one person to spend it with — though that is not at all a bad thing. I quite enjoy being invisible, more so when it’s with another person.

I’ve officially relocated! It’s exciting. The Queen of Milton Keynes has conquered the Shire of Buckingham and has now moved to Borough of Stockport. As the newly anointed Queen of Bredbury, I have stolen the Game of Thrones title for Dany and edited it to fit my own personal circumstances as I begin my new journey of colonising the Borough of Stockport. I hope you enjoy it.

Her Royal Slothness
and Fibro-Warrior;
Charlotte of the House Appleby,
the First of Her Name
Undeniably Flammable
Queen of Linslade, Milton Keynes & the Guinea Pigs
Queen of Bredbury
Khaleesi of the Great Grass Gardens
Protector of the realms of Literature
Breaker of Social Conventions
Baker of Brownies
Mother of Plants

The new place is only temporary. Boy, were there issues.

On our first night, we had no utilities. We moved in after 7pm (the drive from MK to Manchester can be anywhere between 2.5 to 4 hours dependant on traffic) and were forced to unload in the dark due to having no electric or gas.

Boost energy provider are, for want of a better word, shite. They’re closed after 6pm, on Saturdays after 1pm and Sundays. So, if you want electric or gas in your new property, you better pray the landlord has already set up your account for you or that you don’t move in late on a weekday or at all on a weekend. They were not particularly helpful. I advised them of my condition so we were put on a priority list, this means we should never be cut off on the pay-as-you-go-metre because I am sensitive to temperature and light.

That didn’t make sleeping under a mattress topper on the first night to stay warm any more pleasant. I did manage to worm my way into having the emergency credit charges refunded, £25 compensation added to the pre-paid account and an apology. When you’re so cold inside the house (according to the digital thermostat run by battery, how lucky, said five degrees celsius) that your teeth chatter and the goosebumps turn grey on the arms.

Since then, things have picked up but as most people know moving can be an exhausting experience even if it’s just a few doors down the road. Relocating counties, or side of the country, as I have, is even more tiring. Add chronic pain conditions into the mix, alongside mental health concerns, you’ve got yourself a party that nobody wants to attend.

Thankfully, my partner has solid friends. One of which helped us unload the moving van upon arrival (shout out to you for lugging my 8 boxes of books collected over my lifetime, you are a superman) and has been helping build furniture.

I do have family sort of in the area. My cousin lives in a village about half an hours drive away with his fiance whom coincidentally he moved up here to be with. (My situation is almost identical).

There was, of course, a massive flare-up following the two day period without heating, electric and warm water.

As a fibro sufferer, if I hold my body tense, whether that’s due to cold weather, heightened emotions, physical activity, it leads to the feeling of inflamed joints and muscles as if a lactic acid build-up is attacking them.

The remedy for this can be stretches–yoga, pilates etc–or warm baths, hot/cold compresses, heat rubs, muscle gels, ibuprofen cream, exercise (low-impact: walking, swimming, etc) and dietary changes.

A massive change has been brought upon my usual painful back and shoulders. I convinced my other half to invest in a slightly more pricey mattress instead of buying a second-hand memory foam one from eBay. Dunelm was having a sale and we got a double memory foam mattress for £50 off!

Since purchasing it, the number of knots has reduced in my back and I’m slightly more comfortable when I wake up in the morning. Further to this I’ve incorporated a weekly yoga routine, a daily mindfulness session (done from the comfort of my own h0 medics massage chair cushion and applied for a free exercise regime (including swimming, classes and gym membership) with Life Leisure through the PaRis scheme.

I’ll leave it there for now and update you more in the next episode of the Fibro blog. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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