Fibro Blog #31

Mood: 🥶🤪

Fatigue: 7/10

Pain: 7/10

Maybe it’s the cold weather or just the post-Christmas-exhaustion taking holding as we snack and sloth our way into the New Year, but today my pain levels are on edge.

I’ve been feeling a little odd from new medications (unrelated to fibromyalgia). I’m oddly calm and I keep spacing out so in conjunction with the dreaded fibrofog (also known as brain fog or chronic fog: problems with cognition, recall and memory) it’s making life harder. I have to write everything down to avoid forgetting to take prescriptions, attend appointments or do simple chores.

The just-above-freezing weather is leavy me with creaky joints and wrapping in as many layers as physically possible (pyjamas, onesie, dressing gown, oversized jacket, blanket).

I still went swimming, due to the closures and restrictions on opening hours over the festive period I’ve been going swimming this weekend instead of my normal weekday routine. There’s still an ongoing problem with my left shoulder, but the more I stretch it out the less it seems to bother me. However, the water was particularly cold in the pool yesterday.

Annoyingly, the timetable isn’t available to view online due to a technological glitch, so I missed the lane swimming early this Monday morning, I’ll go midday now. I find it difficult to get going, the later on in the day I exercise. As if my body as fused all its parts together.

It’s moving week.

I’m kissing goodbye to Milton Keynes, and hello to Stockport. It’s hugely exciting. The places I’ve lived before, and there have been a few, including Edinburgh (6 months in a friend’s council flat doing what university students do best, procrastinate), shared accommodation in Cheltenham, as well as with family in Linslade and Milton Keynes, have been different because it’s been with friends, family or students. This is the first time I’ll be living alone with a partner and I’m sure there’s a lot for me to learn but I’m thrilled we get to do it together.

It’s good there are so many kind people that we know because fibromyalgia makes moving even harder. Packing took all my spoons and I’ve still got small bits like bedding/house plants to do… I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would do to my body to lug about sofas and other heavy furniture so I’m very lucky to have cousins and my partner’s friends in the area.

I’m still on Tramadol and Cocodomol/Naproxen daily although I’ve reduced from the maximum daily amount to 2-4 of each medication. It’s a lot, granted, but it is less.

Unsure how much I’ll be able to update due to moving, lack of wifi, but as soon as Virgin installs our internet or I find a decent library, you’ll be hearing from me.

Take care of yourselves, spoonie-followers.

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