Fibro Blog #29

Pain: 4.5/10

Fatigue: 6.5/10

Mood: 😵🙂

Today (and yesterday) have been good days.

Yesterday I got up relatively early and did yoga then went on to have a lazy relaxing day watching sitcoms and writing. I dozed off around half seven.

Today, I got up extra-early and went swimming. I did yoga again! Go me! Two days on the trot. I’m sure I can make it a third tomorrow. Even if it’s only ten minutes once or twice a day. I’m working on my next university assignment piece and editing the novel this afternoon.

The sponsored silence I’m doing for mental health has actually been really calming and has minimised family-conflicts (you can donate to the Just Giving page here to sponsor me). I have slipped up a few times, at swimming today someone said hello and I automatically started to respond. I must seem so rude! But in a wet pool, it’s hard to have my post-it note with me explaining the situation.

I walked to pick up my prescriptions and I did take my stick. I’ve learned the hard way I need to prevent my hip swelling and not push my body so hard. Better to take it regardless and not be in pain later.

It was awkward not talking at the pharmacy. Luckily, the lady read my post-it note and looked at my driver’s license putting two and two together she returned with my order.

Normally, it’s the pets I have difficulty most not talking to. I do it without thinking. However, this is raising money for Mind Space MK (a support group I run) so it will all be worth it.

Silence can also help me learn to listen better and understand people more. I’m hoping it opens me up to be more calm and stress-free instead of bad-tempered.

All the pain is concentrated in my shoulders at the moment. My knees and sternum have still been clicking but they are not too difficult to deal with right now. I’m trying to improve my posture as I imagine hunching over to type on a laptop all day is detrimental to the cause.

I’ve moved the massage cushion upstairs so I can roll out of bed and use it right away. Winter’s coming and the downstairs part of the house is significantly colder than the upstairs so I’d rather be warm. Weather impacts me so much especially when I’m holding my body tight due to cold. It’s just right for my stiffness when I get up, and I’m trying not to oversleep or stay too still for too long which makes it worse.

Still keeping my diet clean but I’m back to eating all dairy (bar milk, I’m still using soy), red meats, white carbs, sugars (in moderation) and gluten. Although I’ve continued to be caffeine-free for the most part (except on special occasions when I’m super sleepy) there hasn’t been much difference in symptoms, flares or general health with the dietary changes. Sorry spoonies who swear by the anti-inflammatory diet it’s not for me.

I still use supplements like magnesium, CBD, vitamin d and omega-three in combination with exercise, stretches, medication and sleep.

Everyone’s different. I’m finding, slowly, the way to deal with my pains to live a functional (not yet, but almost) life.

To cheer myself up, especially when using my walking stick, I have invested in a beautiful brass handle, wooden walking stick for the bargain price of £20.99 on eBay. Considering the ones in the Waterlooplein flea market in Amsterdam were only twenty euros, but I was had my head in the clouds thinking they were too tall for little old me and I didn’t know you could sand them down and put the stopper back on.

However, I did still want a collapsable stick that was easy to carry when I don’t need its assistance. To my luck, I’ve found one that’s perfect. It should be arriving today, fingers crossed.

London Antiques on eBay
London Antiques on eBay


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