DIY Couple Memento Map

This D.I.Y art project is simple, easy and quick to do. It’s also a really adorable way of commemorating your relationship with your partner on any occasion–anniversary, moving in together, engagement, marriage, pregnancy etc–and it’s completely personalised.

Whether it’s a gift for your boyfriend, wife, sister in law or best friend, this heartfelt homemade keepsake will surely bring a smile to their face.

You Will Need

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Plain A4 paper/coloured paper/photo paper/geographical map books
  • A photo frame
  • Printer (optional)
  • Internet (optional)
  • Pens (optional)
  • Tracing paper (optional)

Step One

Screenshot your maps, or buy cheap second-hand map books for that “vintage style”. You can do this online using Google Maps or go hunting in charity and book shops.

You might want to print them on glossy photo paper, or special coloured paper, for that added customised feel.

Step Two

Print or trace a heart.

You can do this by searching online for images of hearts, if like me, you were born without an artistic bone in your body. If you have more flair and can go freehand, you do you.

Either way, whether you printed the outline or traced it, you need to cut out the heart. (The last part of that sentence sounded so creepy. Cut out the heart.)

Step Three

Cut the heart into segments, this can be for as many maps as you wish. You could make the heart as big, or small, as you want.

If the couple is elderly and has had many important places in their lives, you may even want to use up to ten pieces. If they have not known each other very long, maybe one map (where they met) or two (where they each live) would suffice.

This could be where they were engaged, married, met, first kiss, first child, any other children, major life events (climbed Everest, wrote a book, etc) or all the different houses they have lived in. If you like that idea and have access to old house keys, they make a nice touch to this crafted gift to place a key under each map.

Step Four

Depending on how talented you are at cutting accurately, you can either glue your heart segments onto the back of your maps where the location is, and then cut out the shapes, or you can hold the heart outline in place to carefully cut around it.

Step Five

Glue the segments of the heart cut out from your map together on a back sheet.

This can be plain paper, coloured paper, patterned, or just the backing provided in your photo frame.

Be careful to make sure each part of the heart re-aligns perfectly to shape it together.

Step Six (Optional)

You can add things to your memento map.

This might be the couples name either handwritten in ink, stickers, stamped or done on a computer and printed off.

You might want to add decoration, like a little ribbon bow or glitter. Make the gift personalised to the couple. The little thoughts count.

Step Seven

Leave the art project to dry.

Place it in the frame and wrap accordingly. Allow the couple to shower you with compliments for your fantastic gift making skills.

There are many other homemade D.I.Y crafts you can do for couples as gifts. A memento frame or box, which can include ticket stubs, receipts, stamps, keys, and bric-a-brac.

Try imprints of house keys in clay for DIY coasters. There are the options of handprint art or personalised love books (but if you don’t do these yourself it can turn out expensive).

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