Pain: 4.5/10 Fatigue: 6.5/10 Mood: 😵🙂 Today (and yesterday) have been good days. Yesterday I got up relatively early and did yoga then went on to have a lazy relaxing day watching sitcoms and writing. I dozed off around half seven. Today, I got up extra-early and went swimming. IContinue Reading

Documents show the government’s plans to use money from £1bn 2017 deal to prioritise support of major oil companies The UK is planning to invest in Argentina’s controversial oil shale industry using a £1bn export finance deal intended to support green energy, according to government documents seen by the Guardian.Continue Reading

Another Netflix sensation is available now! *Warning: Spoilers from Breaking Bad Below* The sequel film to Breaking Bad can be streamed on Netflix as a follow up to the ending of the all famous TV series. This motion picture captures the protagonist, Jesse, after Mr White’s death… Jesse is nowContinue Reading