Originally published on https://news.thamesvalley.police.uk/news/man-sentenced-for-sex-offences-milton-keynes-367710 Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for sex offences. Alexander Taylor-Moss, aged 31, of North Seventh Street, Milton Keynes, was convicted of four counts of sexual assault, three counts of rape and four counts of assaultContinue Reading

Leaving home, family and friends for the first time can be a difficult adjustment. Especially when you’re thrown into halls with a bunch of strangers who are all in the same boat as you—socially awkward, homesick and nervous. Health professionals agree that this time of a young person’s life canContinue Reading

The Green Coffee Machine started in 2008 along The Promenade and the establishment is now located along Queen’s Road next to the train station. The self-employed owner, Chris, bought a van on eBay and applied for a street trading license but was advised he couldn’t have a working motor vehicleContinue Reading

Characters come into play in every area of media. There is a dialogue between speakers in screenplays, actors on television, conversation over telephones, narrators in fiction or plays or even speakers in poetry. Without a visual aid, writers must work twice as hard to translate the images in their mindsContinue Reading

Negative cycles are a groove on a record; if you fall into the groove, you’re stuck. The way I see it, there are two choices: number one is to admit defeat and thus remaining in the groove spinning for eternity or try option number two staying as far away asContinue Reading