It’s all WhatsApp, Snapchat and Tinder. Sexting, dick-pics and jumping the gun. Maybe a lot of things about the pre-digital age were more difficult but now in the modern era, we’re faced with a different challenge. The sea of dating is a monster to navigate without sinking your ship orContinue Reading

Why is going green important? Science continuously reminds us of global warming and species extinction, but what can it do for us? Living green can save you heaps of money if done the correct way. It is also the right thing to do—we should conserve resources such as oil thatContinue Reading

First published in Shadows: New Writing VI, 2017 – Charlotte Appleby. Waking up… five a.m… dark… snoring… again… huddled on the sofa, just a heap of strays. Smell coffee…. burning coffee… never have a decent coffee. Not like the huge one in Leyas’ that time with Dad… with the foamContinue Reading

This bank holiday weekend hosted the famous British Gin Festival and we’re eternally gratefully for that extra day off to take time to recover from the harsh hangover from the mother’s ruin. Truly, a blessing to us all. Here in Milton Keynes we celebrated at Kiln Farm’s sports bar andContinue Reading

By Charlotte Appleby© first published in the print anthology Compass: New Writing IV, 2015. Ivy stared out of the window, watching the pillows of cloud beneath her change colour with the sunrise. The plane jerked from clear air turbulence as they flew alongside the Himalayas, throwing her from side toContinue Reading