Mood: 🥶🤪 Fatigue: 7/10 Pain: 7/10 Maybe it’s the cold weather or just the post-Christmas-exhaustion taking holding as we snack and sloth our way into the New Year, but today my pain levels are on edge. I’ve been feeling a little odd from new medications (unrelated to fibromyalgia). I’m oddlyContinue Reading

As advocates of mental health and a supporter of community projects, Appleby Ink provides writing services for a Milton Keynes mental health peer support group: MIND SPACE MK. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing the importance of mental health awareness and treatment in the localContinue Reading

So, you’re in love? Relationships are like the weather. Sometimes the skies are clear while the sun beams down, other times clouds brew into storms which release chaos into our lives. After you’ve been with your partner for an appropriate amount of time (this varies from couple to couple: forContinue Reading

Mood: 🎄  Pain: 2/10 Fatigue: 7/10 Hi there, spoonie-followers. Merry Christmas. Luckily, my pain is very mild today, it’s a more stiff, groggy sensation with the odd aching throb around my left elbow (who knows why the joy of fibro is its mystery pains). Sorry for my lack of updatesContinue Reading

This D.I.Y art project is simple, easy and quick to do. It’s also a really adorable way of commemorating your relationship with your partner on any occasion–anniversary, moving in together, engagement, marriage, pregnancy etc–and it’s completely personalised. Whether it’s a gift for your boyfriend, wife, sister in law or bestContinue Reading

This is a new blog series started in conjunction with Mind Space MK to raise mental health awareness as part of their ‘true stories’ campaign beginning in 2020. **Warning – This blog post contains graphic, perhaps disturbing content and may be sensitive to some readers** The beginning of BPD &Continue Reading

The ‘internet as we know it’ is off in Iran. Here’s why this shutdown is different. People of Iran have been suffering under harsh USA sanctions for years, trying to force the Iranian government back to the negotiation table but the sanctions hurt the poorest families most. The authorities inContinue Reading

Now available on UK Netflix, this smash hit young romance will get the butterflies fluttering in your tummy. A young woman falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship. Based on the novel by Anna Todd. *Warning: This review contains spoilers* After isContinue Reading

Although families will always try to deny it, sometimes there are black sheep in the flock. If you feel like a stranger in your own house, experienced sibling rivalry or never identified with your parents on a personal level, then you may, in fact, be the black sheep in yourContinue Reading