April Horoscopes 2020

Appleby Ink, branching into the realms of astrological readings. Through literature on sun signs and planetary movements, Charlotte Appleby devises her own unique interpretations.


Fire: March 21 – April 19

The sun starts in Aries on the 1st of April but is departing slowly for Taurus. In this time, you will feel courageous and bursting with energy. Look for productive ways to release it since you’re cooped up inside.

As Mercury enters Aries, this is a time for honest communication which can be a positive trait of your sign. Beware of speaking too quickly; unprocessed thoughts given as responses can be perceived differently by others. Say what’s on your mind and get those results, but hold compassion for those around you.


Earth: April 20 – May 20

Taurus leaves Uranus early April and with it goes that wish to work harder or earn more money. Your head comes down out from those clouds to ground itself back here on Earth.

Mid-April, the entry of the Sun into Taurus grounds your sign further into their practicality this month. If you decide to do something, nothing will get in your way. Pick an unfinished project to get done. If you’re feeling isolated or stuck indoors, it will present an opportunity to get your mind grounded in the present and out of the social internet chatter.

Mercury entering Taurus later in the month speeds you up but after a few complications are overcome (perhaps some domestic trouble or a family feud) you’ll be grateful for the pick-me-up go-getter attitude.

A New Moon in Taurus leads to a strong urge to travel particularly to large bodies of water—lakes, beaches, waterfalls, etc—which will cause you to regret past missed opportunities. Fret not, create an ambience with a bath.


Air: May 21 – June 20

The entry of Venus into Gemini signifies an opportunity for new romantic relationships. Even if you’ve written off dating for a while, don’t rule it out. You could use your charisma and intelligence to attract a partner. Avoid arguments and confrontations with people in your life during this time, it could push a sensitive button and lead to disaster.


Water: June 21 – July 22

Starting the month with the moon in Cancer will mean airs of change within your career. This could be a job role, company or just a new project. Keep your eyes on the horizon to ready yourself for the effects of April. If you’re struggling in those four walls without the travel or adventure, bring the wonders of the world to you: try a nature documentary, an aquarium, or restyling the garden!


Fire: July 23 – August 22

Under a tough beginning to the month, you Leo’s won’t have it easier as the days pass by. You feel trapped, unable to breathe and the pressure seems to be mounting up. Without the usual things you enjoy being available, try at-home alternatives. Set up a wine night over Skype, connect on online games with friends or get creative with some DIY entertainment tactics. Put that confidence to good use to get you through these difficult times.


Earth: August 23 – September 22

There won’t be many inner changes to your moods and emotions this month as the planets stay far away from Virgo. The state of the world can impact your feelings and thoughts just as much. Take everything with a pinch of salt this month. You’re used to your routine and personal space, but the world has no room for those things right now. Adjust to the new conditions or flail around helplessly. The pressure from your overarching need to control the little details (which using your methodological mind can usually work. You experience everything as if for the first time, keep in mind experience leads to learning from mistakes. Extreme repeated reactions can change how others perceive you. Don’t become a disappointed Goddess.


Air: September 23 – October 22

A full moon in Libra indicates the prime to make home improvements. Use this quiet period as your socialising dies down to redecorate. If you were planning on moving, hold off for a while, invest in what’s already in your life. Use your cunning to make new methods of keeping in contact with friends and family.


Water: October 23 – November 21

The passion inside you is burning. It seems everywhere you look there is suffering. Put your desires to help the conflict at the forefront of your mind. Consider volunteering, or bringing the local community together (like a book swap, plant swap or Skype/WhatsApp group for residents). Put your resourcefulness to good use and find ways to keep a routine. That stubborn personality of yours could get in the way of productivity if you allow yourself to turn into a sloth. The determined side of you can be fuelled writing down the goals you have in mind.


Fire: November 22 – December 21

Your great sense of humour has dampened with your spirits but don’t get bogged down in the blues. Every zodiac is having a difficult month but your value for freedom and being outdoors might make it more challenging for you. That extrovert nature must be cared for. Try keeping connections through letter-writing, social media or group online games. If you live with people, don’t blame them for being in close quarters — your attitude toward clinginess will be a downfall this month. Exercise patience and try social gatherings with your household: board games, outdoor sport, a family ramble… you never know it could bring you closer together.


Earth: December 22 – January 19

Pluto traverses Capricorn until 2023 and began in 2008. During this time, you will have become more organised and disciplined. This has prepared you for the harsh times ahead. The serious nature of your zodiac is appropriate for the serious situations you face. Be wary, this will show on your face and the loved ones around you may take it as a negative sign. Keep your hopes high when communicating with others. Explain realistic plans with them to avoid worry or concern.

The first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (which only occurs every 13 years) is on April 4th in Capricorn. This places your emphasis on radical transformations and personal ethics… it’s a great time to reconsider your identity. If you’ve yearned to make a change to your personal appearance, customary habits of lifestyle or moral views now would be the time to tackle this mammoth task.


Air: January 20 – February 18

The initial entrance of Saturn into Aquarius combined with the first conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in early April leave you in a wreck of nervous anxiety. Use your great sense of decision making to overcome these difficult times. There are relaxation techniques, mindful exercises or meditations you can try to ease those nerves.

The Mars – Uranus square occurs once a year and is usually associated with serious contrast events, such as ruptures and rebellions is appropriate for the political climate in your eyes. Keep the heart of the aggressive planet away from your decision making when it comes to a strong plan of action, an ack is probably not the answer. Change the world around you through a positive, lighter path.


Water: February 19 – March 20

Beginning the new month with Mercury in Pisces, as you are a logical zodiac sign this month you will be easily able to solve problems. Whether that’s an at-home improvement, a garden project, relationship conflict, whatever the source of your problems at the moment it’s the strongest time to tackle them. Take the plunge and dig deep to the root of the issue, using your power of logic to rationally apply a fix.

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