Charlotte Appleby is a published author, journalist and poet. Appleby Ink is her own business where she works freelance. Currently, she studies part-time and runs a local support group.

She received her Bachelor of Arts with honours in Creative Writing in 2017 and went onto apply to complete a masters in the same field in 2018 expecting to achieve a distinction upon completion.

Previously, she has worked as a professional full-time managing editor at an international association and magazine called PCIAW. This included configuring the magazine flat plan, redesigning the media pack, creating a years’ worth of features and sourcing, editing and writing industry-specific content. Before this, she worked as a journalist for Greener Gloucestershire.

Numerous works by Charlotte have been published digitally and in print. You can see examples on the portfolio page.

Through her social media platforms, @applebyink, the business website and popular personal blog, she can promote products, services and events. Her experience and knowledge in writing allow her to skilfully adapt the tone and style to fit the requirements of any client.

She offers a vast range of bespoke services and marketing packages at a reasonable price for high-quality work. See the services page for more details.

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